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Post 6 - By: Robert - Post Date: 9/6/2014
I am 73 years of age. I have results of a CTC from July 2009 that indicates mostly normal. I was scheduled for some surgery in Nov 2011 that required CBC prior. My platelet count was at 92, and other counts/percentages not alarming. Now the medical doctors expressed concern and did another CBC just before surgery. Platelets were 100. My doctor expressed concern, and had me have periodic CBC work, that showed a progression of lower platelets. In Sept 2012, I thought I had passed a kidney stone. While in emergency care, another CBC was done with platelets down to 67. The hospital doctor suggested that I should get a bone marrow biopsies to check if there might be a cancer problem. Please understand that up to this time I was feeling fine. If CBC work had not ever been done, I would not have concerns. But now it starts to work on your mind. The biopsies was done in Oct 2012 with platelet count at 86. The report from my oncologist was that the biopsies indicated a mild MDS, and that we would do CBC every 3-4 months, and watch and wait. Then when my platelet count got below 50, my dentist refused to do my routine work, unless he received clearance from my oncologist. Wow. So we went through that exercise, just to get 2 fillings and a cleaning. So now, even though I feel fine, I'm not. I'm spending a lot of my time with Dr. Google, looking at the bruising, the easier bleeding. Finally, with my platelets down to 35, and tiring of the watch and wait, I set up for a 2nd opinion, with a hematologist at a hospital in the Toronto university area. Through Aug 2014 I've had 3 more CBC's and one bone marrow biopsies. The reported opinion is that I do not appear to have MDS. It appears to be ITP. Platelets now at 29. I am now being referred to another Hematologist closer to my residence. At this point I don't know what I'll do other than a follow-up visit with the oncologist that opinioned MDS. I will see that he has the full reports from the 2nd opinion of the hematologist.
Post 7 - By: mike - Post Date: 8/27/2014
I forgot to state previously that I was tested for just about everything but all came back negative including bone marrow biopsy.
Post 8 - By: Mike - Post Date: 8/27/2014
I was diagnosed with ITP approx 2 years ago. Found platelets were at 54,000. For about a year I was taking 900 mg of Gabapentin for back pain. Up to taking Gabapentin, I was completely healthy, I am convinced this led to DITP since lowering the dosage over a period of time my platelets climbed. After having a nose bleed for about 5 hours, I quit taking it all together. Soon after, climbed to 80,000 and stayed there for about a year. I had lower back fusion and hardware removal and platelets stayed at 80,000. 6 months later started to decrease down to 54,000 again. I am seeing a hematologist who has placed me on 60 mg of Prednisone a day. After two weeks platelets climbed to 130,000. Lowered Prednisone to 40 mg a day. After a week, platelets dropped to 52,000. I am back up to 60 mg Prednisone a day. I am reading a lot of stories from people who and it seems its common that people under treatment bounce back and forth before returning to normal if ever. I have been a 100% healthy,in shape person my entire life except for the back surgery and the Gabapentin. Thanks to 22 years of police work wearing the belt, sitting in units, fighting people and picking up and carrying people. I am not a medication person and I wish I hadnt taken the Gabapentin. I had a lot of other meds pushed on me that I refused to take but my doctor was adamant about the Gabapentin. Is there proof of Gabapentin causing DITP?
Post 9 - By: Judy Norman - Post Date: 8/5/2014
I am practicing in a limited location in Cambodia. We have a 24 y/o, 3 mos postpartum, who came in with BP 160/110, evidence of stroke / neurologic dysfunction, and thrombocytopenia plts 14000. She was never diagnosed during pregnancy or delivery with complications. She began having neurologic signs about 6-8 weeks after delivery. She was treated at the govt hospital with blood transfusions several times but no other treatment. Thoughts? We have limited access to blood and basic meds, no IVIG / dialysis/ other. Thanks
Post 10 - By: Milika Tueli - Post Date: 7/13/2014
Hi. I have a friend who is in a coma since last Sunday 5th July. The reason being is she has a few blood clots between her skull and the layer that's protecting her brain. According to doctors she needs her platelet count to increase so that they may operate on her to remove the clot so eventually she may wake up.Her count had increased to 88000 on Friday. A friend went to visit her yesterday (Saturday) came back with the news that her count had gone down to 4000 overnight. Is there anyway you could contact her doctors and give some advise? You could help save her life. She's a mom of 2 little boys.please!!!

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