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Post 56 - By: Elizabeth Thomas - Post Date: 5/3/2011
I am told I have to have a hip replacement. I have a problem with ITP and so am now on a low dose of prednisone (5 mg every other day). I want to take herbal supplements to help the cartilege in my hip that is apparently somewhat destroyed, but don't want to take something that will lower my platelet count (this week at 94k). Can I take glucosamine or tumeric or tart cherry or flaxseed oil or omega-3 without hurting my count? How can I find out it other supplements will help or not? Thank you for any help!
Post 57 - By: suntheone - Post Date: 4/22/2011
My brother has been diagnosed with ITP during first week of april 2011. He is given prednisone 80mg/day, his weight is 85kg age is 39 yrs after 3 consecutive doses of some steroids. he is responding well. I pray to god that he give strength to him and everybody fighting with the disease. And I am particularly indebted to ASH for their knowledge, research and sharing the information about ITP. I am hoping that after completion of course of prednisone he will be alright..
Post 58 - By: Nicolino - Post Date: 4/15/2011
I great appretiate suggestion for use of antidolorific drugs for pain problems in platelet deficients patients. Thanks
Post 59 - By: Kristi Williams - Post Date: 3/25/2011
My husband is presently in the hospital and being treated for what they believe may be TTP. They do not officially diagnose it as that but they are doing the blood replacement therapy and he seems to be responding. He had his gall bladder removed laproscoptically two weeks ago. He went to sleep the day after the surgery and did not wake again for six days, they called it an "unresponsive" state. By the time he was taken to the ER is kidneys had shut down and his liver was on it's way. There were also "small bleeds" present all over his brain. The doctors were not sure he was going to live for many days. Now that he is awake he is cognitively slow and physically lethargic, he has no energy at all. He is still getting the plasma exchagne daily, and will possibly go to every other day next week. We are afraid of the long term effects and are having a hard time finding out any information. Any information you have would be appreciated. I have read this website and would be interested in the personal responsed of some of the study subjects. Sincerely, Kristi Williams 336-215-8886
Post 60 - By: melissa angermeier - Post Date: 3/24/2011
My mother passed away last week from TTP. I wished that there was more of an awareness of this disease. I never knew it existed. She had all the signs and the hospital still turned her away....Where can I get more information on this disease?

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