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Post 81 - By: Dana - Post Date: 12/6/2010
My husband has ITP and has been hospitalized for the 3rd time due to his platlet count being 3000. He was also hospitalized 7 years ago for his hemaglobin being extremely low and had 27 pints of blood transfusion. We were thinking of having a baby, but am scaredn this could be heriditary - has there been any study that it can be carried down to kids? thanks.
Post 82 - By: mary oreilly - Post Date: 12/5/2010
just hospitalized for ttp
Post 83 - By: ameera - Post Date: 11/30/2010
ive had ttp my adams 13 is 17% does anyone know anything about this i am a 26 year old female.was admitted into icu with a platelet count of 7
Post 84 - By: janie thrasher - Post Date: 11/29/2010
Itp.,it changed my life.45 years old. 2 kids in collage.I thought it was menopause.I was going in for an eblation,when they found it.The info on the web made my decisions for me.My oncogolist ran me threw the steroids.He put me in hospital right away.I've had the best of care.Nothing worked.they got me up to 50,ooo when I was down to 3000 and below.I had my eblation. then my spleen removed.I went back every week,then every two until I'm going for my six months.{they said for 2 years}last week I found a bruise that won't go away.on the inside of the calf of my leg. where I noticed them before but the other leg.We are praying its not come back.We are lu cky enough to have insurance,at this time.I know after a spleenectomy,it gets really expensive.They say the meds are worse than steroids.anyone who has been through this I'd love to hear from.Give me a heads -up if you can.
Post 85 - By: Nora G - Post Date: 11/20/2010
My daughter was dx w/ITP at age 15, not on any meds or sick at time. Platlet count 7000. Had 2 tx of IVIG with icrease to 125,000. Immediately dropped again and took 1 yr to reach 100,000 wo formal tx. She took 10,000mg of vitamin C everyday.I begged dr. to give Prednisone but wanted to see if she could recover on her own.Has been 100 or above for 2 yrs. When her count goes down she has headache,light headedness, epigastric pain. We see Dr. Sujit Sheth at Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital in Manhattan NY, Columbia Presbyterian, thank God we found him. Thought she may have Lupus,all tests negative for 5 yrs,and no symptoms of Lupus except ITP. Thanks for all you do.

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