Study Group Photos

These are pictures of the people who have worked on our platelet projects.  You will also see their names on our publications.  These people include college students, medical students, students in the College of Public Health who are studying epidemiology and biostatistics, and faculty in the College of Medicine and College of Public Health.  All of these people have made important contributions to patients with platelet disorders.  Some need to be specifically identified:  Deanna Duvall is in charge of the plasma exchange procedures for TTP-HUS patients at the Oklahoma Blood Institute.  Marcie Byers, the secretary in the Hematology Section, keeps everyone organized.  Dee Terrell has coordinated all of these projects for the past 7 years.  Sara Vesely has organized all of the information from all of our patients, making our observations much more useful for patient care.  Finally, Xiaoning (Lily) Li created this website.

Taken in 2003

Top Row: L-R: Lauren Williams, Dr. Dee Terrell, Dr. Sara Vesely, Marcie Byers, Qurana Lewis, & Dr. James N. George

Second Row: Dr. Kiarash Kojouri, Mark Howard, Xiaoning Li, Deanna Duvall, & Dr. Jay McMinn

Bottom Row: Jedidiah Perdue, John Doan, & Stephen Confer

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