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Incident No.Sorted By Incident No. In Descending OrderIncident TypeCrime Date/TimeReport Date/TimeGEOLocationDisposition
15-0756Found Property7/27/2015 17:067/27/2015 17:06TCHOUCP-1200 N Childrens AveClosed
15-0755Larceny7/27/2015 09:007/27/2015 10:26OUHSCSCC-800 NE 10th Street 1st FloorOpen
15-0754Aggravated Assault7/26/2015 07:337/26/2015 07:33OUMCOUMC-700 NE 13th St Obs Rm 4Closed by Arrest
15-0753Found Property7/26/2015 21:107/26/2015 21:10TCHTCH-1200 N Everett Dr ParkingClosed
15-0751Public Intox7/26/2015 03:007/26/2015 03:00OUMCOUMC-700 NE 13th St Closed by Arrest
15-0749Burglary 2nd Degree7/25/2015 20:307/25/2015 20:30OUMCOUMC-700 NE 13th St Parking GarageOpen
15-0748Warrant Arrest7/25/2015 01:297/25/2015 20:12SLE1500 N. PhillipsClosed by Arrest
15-0747Warrant Arrest7/23/2015 16:317/23/2015 16:31SLENE 13th & Lottie AveClosed by Arrest
15-0746Agency Assist-DHS7/24/2015 22:117/24/2015 22:11TCHTCH-1200 N Everett Dr Rm 4136Closed
15-0745Larceny7/23/2015 17:227/23/2015 17:27TCHTCH-1200 N Everett Dr 7th Floor NICUClosed
15-0744Notice to Vacate7/23/2015 14:167/23/2015 14:16OUMCOUMC-700 NE 13th St Closed
15-0743Property Damage7/23/2015 07:397/23/2015 16:55OUHSCHHODC-1000 N Lincoln Blvd 4th FloorClosed
15-0742Larceny7/23/2015 00:007/23/2015 00:55OUMCOUMC-700 NE 13th St 2nd FloorOpen
15-0741Harassing Telephone Call7/22/2015 17:577/22/2015 17:57OEOCC-701 NE 10th StreetClosed
15-0740Found Property7/22/2015 12:137/22/2015 12:13TCHTCH-1200 N Everett Dr Closed
15-0739Found Property7/22/2015 12:127/22/2015 12:12TCHTCH-1200 N Everett Dr Closed
15-0737Agency Assit-Comanche County Sheriff7/21/2015 20:547/21/2015 20:54TCHTCH-1200 N Everett Dr ER Rm 9Closed
15-0736Notice to Vacate7/21/2015 17:247/21/2015 17:24TCHTCH-1200 N Everett Dr Rm 9240Closed
15-0735Vandalism7/21/2015 10:007/21/2015 14:35OUHSCSU-1106 N StonewallClosed
15-0734Vehicle Impound7/21/2015 13:487/21/2015 14:26SLE1000 NE 8th StreetClosed
15-0733Larceny7/21/2015 11:397/21/2015 11:52TCHTCH-1200 N Everett Dr 8th Floor Restroom 8COpen
15-0732DWI, Traffic Violations7/20/2015 23:577/20/2015 23:57SLENE 8th & StonewallClosed
15-0731Illegal sale of Rx Narcotics7/7/2015 00:007/20/2015 17:00OUHSCSCC-800 NE 10th Street 1st FloorOpen
15-0730Medical Call7/20/2015 08:157/20/2015 11:07OUHSC800 S.L. Young BlvdClosed
15-0729Warrant Arrest7/20/2015 05:167/20/2015 05:16OUMCOUMC-700 NE 13th St Closed by Arrest
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