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Fire Log

Incident No.Incident TypeCrime Date/TimeReport Date/TimeGEOLocationDisposition
16-0235Fire Call03/09/2016 14:4003/09/2016 14:45TCHTCH-1200 N. Everett Drive 10th FloorClosed
16-0317Fire Call04/03/2016 21:5304/03/2016 21:53OUMCOUMC-700 N.E 13th Street ER Entrance Closed
16-0321Fire Call04/06/2016 09:0804/06/2016 09:53TCHTCH-1200 N. Everett Drive 4th FloorClosed
16-1231Information Report on Fire Call12/19/2016 01:4012/19/2016 01:40OUCPOU Childrens Place - 1200 N. Childrens AveClosed
17-0094Fire Call06/20/2017 13:2906/20/2017 13:29TCHThe Children's Hospital - 700 N.E. 13th Street P2 GarageOpen
17-1101Car Fire12/03/2017 07:5512/03/2017 07:55OUMCOU Medical Center Parking Garage - 700 N.E. 13th Street Level Closed
17-1189Fire Call12/24/2017 01:1412/24/2017 01:34OUMCOU Medical Center Parking Garage - 700 N.E. 13th Street Loading Dock AreaOpen