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Health Sciences Center DEQ Licenses

The OUHSC Radiation Safety Office oversees the following seven Oklahoma
Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) licenses:

  1. OUHSC Broad Scope (OK-03176-01):  receipt and use of radionuclides in research and teaching;
  2. Nuclear Pharmacy (OK-03176-04MD): receipt and distribution of radionuclides for medical use and limited research;
  3. Radioactive waste (OK-03176-05): receipt, processing, and disposal of radioactive waste from university licenses and from other affiliated institutions in Oklahoma;
  4. Co-60 Irradiator (OK-03176-06):  teletherapy unit used for undergraduate training;
  5. HCA Health Services of Oklahoma, Inc., d/b/a OU MEDICAL CENTER, Broad Scope (OK-21035-01): for human imaging, therapy and other clinical studies;
  6. HCA Health Services of Oklahoma, Inc., d/b/a OU MEDICAL CENTER (OK-12091-02): for the use of a Leksell Gamma System Model 23004 Type B (a.k.a. Gamma Knife or Cerebral Stereo-tactic Radio-surgical Unit) radiation therapy unit for the treatment of humans;
  7. The Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation (OK-07464-03):   receipt and use of radionuclides in research.


The Radiation Safety Office
Biomedical Sciences Building (BMSB), Room 127.
Phone: (405) 271-6121 or (405) 271-1768 (fax)

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