Policy Review Committee

The function of the Policy Review Committee is responsible for recommending changes to the Staff Senate Constitution and/or Operating Procedure to the HSC Staff Senate.

Current Membership

Name Term Department Group
Heather Markgraf, Chair 2017-19  Budget     7
Don Clothier 2017-19  Family Medicine
Theresa Rush 2016-18  Medicine Gastroenterology


Melanie Brooks 2016-18  Admissions & Records
Nikki Neel 2017-19  Parking & Transportation


Teddy Ricketson 2017-19  College of Medicine

Committee Details

  • Staff Senate Standing Committee
  • Consists of at least five (5) members, serving 2-year staggered terms (terms begin July 1 and expire June 30)
  • Chair of the committee is elected annually by the committee
  • The Director of Administrative Support Services serves in an advisory capacity