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Employee Recognition Luncheon

Payroll Coordinator

Staff who celebrated a milestone anniversary (5 year increments) during the 2010 calendar year will be honored at the Employee Recognition Luncheon on Monday, April 11, 2011.  A list of employees who may be eligible for a service award has been provided to us by HR.   Please click on your name for the list of employees in your area and verify the accuracy of all information listed.  

Directions for reviewing and updating information:

  1. Click on your name to open the file (PDF)

    If you need a PDF Reader, click here

  2. Print file
  3. Review list for accuracy (compare to your records)
    • Make any corrections
    • Draw a line through any Staff no longer at HSC (does not include retirees)
    • Write in any employee that has been left off the list, include all information
    • Draw a line through any Faculty since they are not eligible for these Awards
    • Note corrections, deletions or additions to the printed sheet
    • IF an employee is located on a campus other than OKC, please let us know if they should be included in our awards ceremony OR if they are to be included in the Tulsa campus awards.  
  4. Sign and date sheet
  5. Return completed sheet to the Staff Senate Office by Tuesday, January 11, 2011.   

Use one of the following methods:

  1. Fax to the Staff Senate Office (fax: 271-3769), or
  2. Ecopy to, or
  3. Email to , or
  4. Send through Campus Mail or hand delivered (SCB 206B)

 The luncheon is being held 2 weeks earlier than in previous years, so please help us by returning your completed list to the Staff Senate office no later than Tuesday, January 11, 2011

If you have any questions, please contact:

P.S.   Milestones are for continuous service to the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center as defined by the Staff Handbook.   Broken, part-time, or discontinuous service is not recognized for awards purposes, unless it meets criteria as outlined in the Staff Handbook, Section 3.6 (REEMPLOYMENT - Employees who have two or more years of continuous service in a benefits-eligible appointment and who return to the university within 90 calendar days following termination under satisfactory conditions may have their previously accrued service time and remaining accrued benefits restored to their employment record.

Payroll Coordinators
(left to right - alphabetical by last name)

 **If your name is not listed below, our information indicates that no employees from your area(s) will be receiving an award this year.  If your records differ, please let us know as soon as possible.  

Allison Anderson

Becky Moseley Lora Bailey
Robin Barnes Debbie Bellgardt Susanne Bernard
Terrie Birdsong Brandy Campbell Cheryl Clark
Jesse Clark Katherine Cooley DeLane Davis
Pam Denker Kathy Edge Julie Ehrhart
Janet Finney Karan Glickman Derrick Grady
Sharon Grayham Debbie Griggs Daphne Hennesey
Susan Hinson Patrice Hinton Terri Jennings
Janet Jones Dina Kelly Rochelle Kendrick
Patsy Kouhdari Andrea Kyker Laura Lopez
Terri Lunday Diana Maddox Karen McSpadden
Sheri Melton Jewell Oliver Kevin Pensoneau
Heidi Pettit Camilla Phillips Jana Plowman
Terry Pyburn Larry Raynes Nick Richardson
Shirley Satterwhite Laura Scobey Carolyn Scott
Susan Shockley Glenda Sims Vivian Stevenson
Diana Stone Celeste Taylor Gwynn Terry
Kelly Thompson Lisa Thompson Julie Traylor
Lakisha Turner Sandy Valdez Aimee VanWagoner
Kathy Walker Katrina Warden Brandi Wilson
Kim Wood Beth Wylie  





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