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Frequently Asked Questions

When is Staff Week?

April 21 through April 25, 2014 (Monday through Friday).   Normally, activities are held in the mid-afternoon so that employees, or their co-workers, can come to the Library Patio for the event.

Is Staff Week held if the weather is bad?

The Staff Week activities are held, rain or shine!   The events are held on the Library Patio, which is a large covered area that provides some shelter from the weather - hot, cold, rain, or wind.   

How do you know who is HSC Staff?

Staff Week events are free to all HSC Staff with a valid HSC Staff Employee ID.  Staff are encouraged to coordinate their schedules so everyone can come out to enjoy the Staff Week events with friends and co-workers! Employees unable to leave their office or work area may send their Employee ID with a co-worker.  However, a staff member can only bring up to 4 additional IDs. This is a sample of the ID required at all Staff Week activities to receive food, etc.: 


Are quantities limited?

Yes!  The food, drinks and other items provided during Staff Week are FREE to HSC Staff, but are on a 1st Come/1st Served basis.  Quantities are limited!

How is Staff Week paid for?

The costs to provide Staff Week are paid by Staff Senate from the funds raised through various fundraising projects.   The Special Projects Committee (fundraising committee) sells items throughout the year which are unique to our campus.   Fundraisers include the Fall fundraiser, the Christmas ornaments, Fall and Spring Craft Fairs (booth rentals), and the Spring/Summer Fundraiser.  Items sold during recent years include the zippered hoodies with OU embroidered on the front, OU beach towels, long sleeve t-shirts, etc.    Thank you to everyone who supports the Staff Senate through their purchases.   Staff Week events are provided because of you! 

Staff Week Shirts?

Staff Week shirts are designed each year and sold as part of the activities of Staff Week.   Proceeds from the sale of shirts are set aside to provide Staff Week gifts during a future year, when sufficient funds are available.   Shirts are designed so that staff can show their pride in working on the HSC campus and being a part of the University of Oklahoma family.   

Staff Week Shirt Pre-orders will be taken March 26 through April 4, 2014 with anticipated delivery by the week of April 18th, in time to wear during Staff Week.  

Do I have to purchase a Staff Week shirt?

Staff Week shirts made available to those who want to show their support for the Staff Week activities.  During the last few years, Staff Week has designed shirts that are unique to our campus and reflective of our spirit for OU.    Employees are not required to purchase a Staff Week shirt.   Remember, proceeds from the shirts are used to provide Staff Week gifts during future years.  

Can I Volunteer at an Event?  

Yes!    The Staff Week committee greatly appreciates the help of staff at the daily events, when available.   If you would like to volunteer to help with an event, please click here.  

Members of the HSC Staff are encouraged

to come out and enjoy each day's Staff Week event!

Take a break, enjoy the music, have a little fun,
meet employees from other areas on campus!