2006 Wacky Games, September 22 , 2006
This was the 16th annual Wacky Games, the kick-off celebration for the Federal & State United Way Campaign.  Employees from Oklahoma Health Center agencies came out for a day of food, fun, and entertainment. 

Deans from OU Health Sciences Center colleges gather with CEOs from the Oklahoma Health Center agencies as they wait for "CEO Basketball"
NewOrleans/OKC Hornets mascot, Hugo, shows them how to do it.
Dr. Ferretti prepares for his shot.
Teams from all over campus compete in "wacky" games to claim gold, silver, and bronze medals.
A team tosses and catches a water balloon in "Water Volleyball".

Staying on those beams proves to be quite a challenge in the "Synchronized Beams" game.

Team members playing "You've Got Some Nerf" try to stay dry.
Catching waterballoons in your garbage bag is the goal of "H2O Throw".
Good times are had by all!