2007 Wacky Games, September 21 , 2007
This was the 17th annual Wacky Games, the kick-off celebration for the Federal & State United Way Campaign.  Employees from Oklahoma Health Center agencies came out for a day of food, fun, and entertainment. 

Deans and Leaders from the Colleges and other Health Entities on the Oklahoma Health Center campus prepare to "play ball"!
Ken Rowe, Vice President for Academic Affairs pitches for the United Way!
Dr. Carol Kenner, Dean of the College of Nursing, prepares to pitch.
Teams from all over campus compete in "wacky" games to claim gold, silver, and bronze medals.
A team pass water filled nerf balls overhead in "You've Got Some Nerf".

Staying on those beams proves to be quite a challenge in the "Synchronized Beams" game.

It's the Tri-Wack-A-Thon!    Teams went 'wacky' as they competed in wheelchairs, obstacle course, and the balance beam!
Team getting ready to participate in "You've Got Some Nerf".    They won't be dry for long!
Left, Right, Left, Right... it takes team effort to compete in the "Syncronized Beam"!
Clarke Stroud, Vice President for Student Affairs, emcee, had the crowd rockin' .    Good job!

The Staples Society (Dentistry) cooked hamburgers for the crowd.   

It was a "smokin" good day.

It's up, up and away... in the H2O throw!    What a great way to

raise money for United Way!