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CLL is Oklahoma's federally designated University Center for Excellence in Development Disabilities (UCEDD), located at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center campus. The center is a member of a national network of over 65 UCEDDs funded by the U.S. Administration on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

VISION: All people with disabilities and their families are valued participants in community life. 

MISSION: Partners making a positive differences in the lives of people with disabilities and their families through learning and leadership. 


  1. Pre-Service & Continuing Education: Educate students and professionals in disability-related disciplines
  2. Community Services: Provide community-based services, training, and technical assistance
  3. Research: Conducting community-based research about issues important to people with disabilities and their families
  4. Dissemination: Provide information about disability-related topics


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Focus Facts

2017 april focus facts

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(Staff Names: Ellen Bannister, Wanda Felty, Tania Bleecker, Kevin Higuchi, Erica Herrera, Valerie Williams, Rose Ann Percival)
(Staff not in picture: Sharon Grayham, Angela Harnden, Linda M. Wilson, Mark Wolraich)

Valerie N. Williams, PhD

Dr. Valerie Williams Ph.D Image

Director, UCEDD & Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Faculty Development

Angela Harnden, PhD

Angela Harnden Ph.D Image

Director, Data and Outcomes, UCEDD and Program Evaluator for Oklahoma LEND
(405)-271-4500 x 41007

Mark Wolraich, MD

Dr. Mark Wolraich Md Image

Director, Oklahoma LEND and Chief, Section on Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics, Department of Pediatric, OU Child Study Center
405-271-6824 x 45124

Rose Ann Percival

Rose Ann Percival Image

Community Partnerships Coodrinator

(405)-217-4500 x 41038

Sharon Grayham, MBA

Sharon Graham Image

Senior Administrative Manager
(405)-271-4500 x 41011

Erica Herrera

Erica Herrera Image

Family Support Coordinator, Oklahoma Family Support 360° Center
(405)-271-4511 x 41034

Ellen Bannister, MA

Ellen Bannister MA Image

Academic Programs Coordinator
(405)-271-4500 x 41008


Kevin Higuchi

Kevin Higuchi Image

Graphics and IT Assistant, CLL-OUHSC

405-271-4500 x 41002

Wanda Felty

Wanda Felty Image

Community Leadership & Advocacy Coordinator Oklahoma LEND Core Faculty, Parent/Family Issues
(405)-271-4500 x 41004

Tania Bleecker

Tania Bleecker Image

Family Support Coordinator Oklahoma Family Support 360° Center
(405)271-4500 x 41012

Linda M. Wilson, PhD

Linda M. Wilson Ph.D Image

Training Director, Oklahoma LEND, Section on Developmental - Behavioral Pediatrics, Department of Pediatrics, OU Child Study Center
405-271-6824 x 45176