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Consumer Advisory Committee


About the Consumer Advisory Committee


The Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC) is comprised of individuals with disabilities, family members, and representatives from multiple state agencies and organizations and represents the racial and ethnic diversity of Oklahoma. The majority of CAC members are individuals with disabilities and family members. Many CAC members are also involved in activities of our core function areas (Pre-service and Continuing Education, Community Services, Research and Dissemination). CAC members advise the Center for Learning and Leadership Director as well as the Oklahoma LEND program (Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Program).

Seven Partner Values

The Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC) has defined elements of successful partnership in a document titled, Seven Partner Values. The Seven Partner Values focuses on the values needed to form successful community partnerships and includes a partnership model.

Seven Partner Values

The CAC meets at least three times each year to identify emerging community issues and to advise the Center for Learning and Leadership/Oklahoma UCEDD. In 2011 the CAC was fundamental in identifying areas of need within Oklahoma; this information was used in writing our 2013-2017 Goals. 

2016-2017 Meeting Schedule



Congratulations to the Consumer Advisory Committee 2013 Partnership Award Recipients: Dee Banta, Joni Bruce, and Oklahoma ABLE-Tech!

Dee receiving the 2013 CAC Partnership AwardJoni reciving the 2013 CAC Partnership AwardOklahoma ABLE-Tech recieving the 2013 CAC Partnership Award

Congratulations to the Consumer Advisory Committee 2014 Partnership Award Recipients: Jim Nicholson, Linda Gonzales, Lance Davis, and Bios, Corp!

picture of Jim Nicholson winning 2014 Partnership AwardLinda Gonzales winning 2014 Partnership AwardLance Davis winning the 2014 Partnership AwardBios Corp winning the 2014 Partnership Award

Congratulations to the Consumer Advisory Committee 2015 Partnership Award Recipients: Karen Hylton, Kelly Zaikis, Carolyn Jenks, and Ed Long-Lewis and Hillary Winn, former and current chair of the Member Advisory Task Force, Oklahoma Health Authority!


Karen Hylton receving 2015 Partnership Award
Kelly Zaikis receiving the 2015 Partnership Award Carolyn Jenks receiving the 2015 Partnership Award Hillary Winn and Ed Long-Lewis receiving 2015 Partnership Award


For more details about the 2015 Partnership Award, click here.

To nominate a person or organization using a printable form, click here.

To print the flyer in English and Spanish, click here.



Para más información, oprima aquí.

Para la forma de nominación, oprima aquí.

Para imprimir el folleto en Inglés y Español, oprima aquí.



For more information about our Consumer Advisory Committee please contact:

Valerie Williams, Phd.

Jacquie Devereaux

Mark Wolraich, MD
Vice Chair

Page Last Updated: October 26, 2016