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Parents’ Perspective on Diagnosis: What I Wish Professionals Knew

There are days in every person’s life they will never forget. For some parents, that day is the day their child was diagnosed with a disability. In this video, two mothers share their memories of the day they received their child’s diagnosis and the impact of that day. Watch as parents share their emotional stories about the lasting impact of disability diagnosis.

Parents' Perspective on Diagnosis Reflection Guide for Medical Personnel



Parents’ Perspective on School: Tips and Transitions

In this video, six parents of children with disabilities and special health care needs share their top tips on school and school transitions for children with disabilities. Each parent offers a unique and thoughtful tip that has worked to ease educational transitions.


Parents' Perspective on School Reflection Guide for Parents and Caregivers

How My Day Went Form

Cómo Fue Mi Día Form

One Page Profile Information


Parents' Perspective on Emergency Medical Services: What I Wish Professionals Knew

This video was developed as part of a curriculum developed by the Center for Learning and Leadership to provide EMTs withinformation about emergency care from the perspectives of parents and cregivers of children with developmental disabilities and speacial health care needs. This module is part of a curriculum sponosred by the Oklahoma Emergency Medical Services for Children Resources Center.

Additional Materials

Emergency Medical Summary (English)

Emergency Medical Summary (Spanish)

Engaging Parents and Caregivers: Questions to Ask

Additional Resources Sheet

Tips for First Responders (developed by the New Mexico UCEDD)

People First Language Sheet



The One-Page Profile as a Medical Tool

This video contains commentary from a person with a developmental disability and his doctor regarding how the One-Page Profile, a Person-Centered Thinking tool, helped facilitate communication during a medical procedure.

One-Page Profile as a Medical Tool Example


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