The University of Oklahoma

Office of Compliance

University Health Club
1000 N. Lincoln Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73104
Phone: (405)271-1650
Fax: (405)271-6633

Hours of Operation

Monday - Thursday
5:30am - 9:00pm

5:30am - 8:30pm

8:00am - 4:00pm

12:00pm - 6:00pm

*Indentification is required for check-in.

  1. Any Member/Guest who conducts themselves in unbecoming manner, or who violates any of the Membership Rules may be denied service OR have their Membership suspended or forfeited.
  2. No inappropriate or offensive behavior.
  3. Do not drop weights (I.E. dumbbells, selectorized weight stacks).
  4. Put weights and equipment away after use.
  5. Wipe down equipment after use.
  6. Proper exercise attire is required at all times. This includes, but is not limited to: athletic shoes, shirt, and shorts/pants.
  7. Non-marking shoes only on wood floors.
  8. Eye protection is required in racquetball and squash courts.
  9. Children over the age of 9 and under 14 are restricted to direct parental supervision.
  10. Children 14 and over are allowed full unsupervised access.



  1. Athletic clothing and non-marking shoes are required at all times.
  2. Absolutely no food, drink, or chewing gum allowed on the court.
  3. No spitting.
  4. The basketball court will be divided into half-court use during times of heavy usage, except when designated for full court.
  5. Winning team may stay on the court for no more than two consecutive games if others are waiting.
  6. Jump roping is prohibited.
  7. Dunking and hanging on the rims are prohibited.
  8. Profanity, suggestive language, and aggressive behavior are prohibited and will not be tolerated.
  9. Book bags, gym bags, and other personal belongings are prohibited on and around the courts and must be stored in a locker.
  10. Activities, excluding basketball and volleyball must be approved by the facility personnel.
  11. Court usage is subject to change.