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Emergency Communication System (ECS)

The Emergency Communication System (ECS) enables the University to directly inform you of emergency situations that could affect you and the campus.

  • These urgent messages will be transmitted to all available phone, email and text messaging options listed for your account.
  • The messages will provide information and instructions for action during a given situation. 

Update or review your contact information using the following links.

The effectiveness of the ECS is dependent on the accuracy of the contact information in the system.

  • Enter a personal cell phone number as your primary cell phone and select the “Text Message” option for this number.
  • Note that you may incur additional charges for text messaging on your cell phone depending on your service provider. 

View step-by-step instructions on the following pages.

How does an identified campus affiliate update their ECS information?

  • Identified representatives of affiliated organizations should call HSC Campus Police at (405) 271-4300 to update contact information.

The ECS uses contact information from several campus information applications.

  • Information from these applications is transmitted nightly to update the ECS system.
  • This information will not be shared with other entities and it will be kept private and confidential.

OUHSC Campus Police will test the system three times a year.

  • These messages will be clearly identified as test messages from the Emergency Communication System.