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Faculty Activity System (FAS)

Digital Measures at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Digital Measures is a tool used to record faculty teaching, research, publication, presentations, awards, creative and service activities and accomplishments.  The Digital Measures software (hereafter referred to as the “Faculty Activity System” or FAS) is the faculty activity reporting tool for the University of Oklahoma and is used to generate Annual Faculty Mini Vitae, a customizable CV, and other reports, provided to directors, department chairs, deans and the Provost's office. 

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Contact Us

OUHSC Campus

  • Dr. Ruby Sharif-Sandel
  • IPE Project Coordinator, Office of Interdisciplinary Programs
  • Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs & Faculty Development


College of Medicine

  • Ms. Trista Gibson Hoehne
  • Office of the Dean, OU College of Medicine


College of Pharmacy

  • Dr. Melissa S. Medina
  • Professor, Associate Dean of Assessment & Evaluation
  • Department of Pharmacy: Clinical and Administrative Sciences


Norman Campus

  • Ms. Karen Horne
  • Assistant Director, Center for Faculty Excellence


Tulsa Campus

  • Ms. Angela Miller
  • Faculty Affairs-Office of the Dean
  • OU/TU School of Community Medicine


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HSC Faculty Handbook 

Faculty Activity System (FAS) User Guide (PDF)

Faculty Activity System (FAS) Data Dictionary (PDF)

Faculty Activity System (FAS) Quick Reference (PDF)