Capture your lecture.

Academic Media provides presentation recording and lecture capture services in classrooms or in our studios. These recordings can be uploaded or streamed from any website your department has access to. Academic Media is able to provide two separate studio experience one of which includes a green screen background for a dynamic presentation experience. Academic Media is also able to integrate you instructional slides into your video via live switching during your presentation. 



What is Mediasite Lecture Capture?


*NOTE: Academic Media no longer provides Tier 2 Mediasite lecture capture support. This is being provided by IT Learning Spaces. 

Mediasite Lecture Capture - sometimes referred to as content capture, course capture or class capture - is a system for recording (capturing) classroom-based presentations and sharing them on the Internet via the campus Learning Management System (LMS), Desire2Learn (D2L). All aspects of the presentation are captured including the presenter, their voice, the computer screen, and any computer audio. All elements are synchronized into a single web browser. Advanced functions allow you to attach documents to your final recording, perform system-wide searches of video, metadata and indexed slides, and conduct interactive polling and Q&A for live webcasts.

Your local Tier 1 typically capture for "on-demand" which enables viewers to watch the presentation at a later time. A "live-streaming" option is available which allows viewers to watch the presentation as it happens. By default, all live presentations are converted to on-demand when the event concludes.

Class capture at OUHSC is used primarily for capturing academic presentations. The schools of Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy and Dentistry all use Mediasite for lecture capture regularly.

Retention & Purge Policy

How long are Mediasite captures retained?

University policy is to retain captures for one calendar year (12 months). However, due to the nature of some of our health programs, some course related material is retained for 18 months. Payment options are available should you wish to extend the hosting period of content beyond the standard 12 months. Please contact your Tier 1 for more information. 


How can AMDS help me?

Whether it's recording your classroom lectures or grand rounds presentations. We can also help with training you to make high quality video content for your lectures. Contact us today!

But what about Copyright issues?

Watch the video below for answers about copyright and use in an educational environment.


OUHSC Legal Counsel has provided the following General Academic Educational-Use release documents for faculty, staff, and students incorporating video, audio or still imagery of persons or patients within their curriculum or research.

Special Note: If these release forms do not correlate with your intended use or need, please contact OUHSC Legal Counsel for additional clarification or advice.

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