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Standards for eLearning tools, room technology & unified communication solutions

Collaborative Spaces Technology Standards

Academic Technology, in collaboration with the OU Turnpike Team, have compiled audio/video technology standards that apply to all learning spaces and collaborative rooms on both OKC & Tulsa HSC campuses. The standards consist of approved technology required for optimal participant engagement and experience. We are actively working with Norman peers to develop a more comprehensive list that encompasses all three campuses.  

Reference and adhere to these standards when building, renovating or updating any type of collaborative space. 

Click here to view the Academic Technology Standards.

Risk Assessment for A/V Conferencing Equipment

Before any Audio/Video equipment can be installed onto the OU-IT network, it is imperative said equipment be vetted and approved prior to purchase and subsequent introduction to the network. This process mitigates potential security risks. Academic Technology, in collaboration with OU Information Technology Security, compiled the Audio/Video-Conferencing Security Standard document to streamline the risk assessment and purchasing process for an entire suite of A/V products and equipment typically integrated into collaborative spaces.

The process:

HSC departments or colleges typically request new A/V technology or upgrades through Academic Media & Digital Services. When they do, AMDS either chooses equipment from the vetted list, or submits an IT Product Review/Technology Risk Assessment on behalf of the customer.  All technology products listed on the Standard mentioned above have passed an IT Product Review/Risk Assessment and are approved for the network.  When possible, devices listed on the Standard will be considered "pre-configured" by AT to meet the majority of requirements to address identified risks. 

However, if a department or college wishes to purchase said technology internally, they must adhere to the process and submit an IT Product Review/Technology Risk Assessment request. Please review the Standard so you can understand the IS Administrator responsibilities for security configurations on a per deployment basis.


Please note “an active service contract must be maintained for each Polycom device to ensure all security patches and updates are available for each device.”  If you are operating a Polycom videoconferencing system without an active service contract, you are not in compliance with the policy and your device will be removed from the video infrastructure. Your department will need to renew the Polycom service contract in order to remain on the HSC-IT network. 

To renew your Polycom maintenance contract, please contact AT or AMDS for a list of approved vendors. You will need to provide the Polycom model(s) and serial number(s), along with the college or departmental point of contact information.