OUHSC D2L Course Request Form

General Info: Course site request forms should be submitted each semester (or each year for clinical rotations/practicum sites). If your site is not associated with a catalog course, please complete the Request a D2L Community form instead. After completing and submitting this form, you will receive an email notification when your site is ready for use.

Processing Form: Please allow 48 hours for full processing of this form. It is strongly recommended to request your sites early (at least one month in advance of student/class activities beginning).

Enrollments/Classlist: Student enrollments start about 3 weeks before each semester. After site enrollments start, update files are run each night to add/drop students as needed. Late added sites will take 24 hours to start enrollments. Please contact web-courses@ouhsc.edu as needed if you have questions or notice problems with your site student enrollments.


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