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Academic Technology Team News (A.T.T.N.) Updates for D2L (Brightspace)

A.T.T.N. updates: All information and more can be found in the Content section of the OUHSC D2L homepage.

November 2019: Academic Technology Team News

11/25/2019 Academic Technology Team News

New in Brightspace (D2L)

Assignments – Letter grading available

Grade Schemes can now be used by instructors to evaluate assignments by associating Selectbox Grade Items to an assignment. When grading an assignment through Assignments, Quick Eval, or Grades, the evaluator is shown a dropdown menu with the associated grade scheme levels. This feature functions identically for rubrics and numeric values as the previously existing Selectbox grade item type in the gradebook.

Intelligent Agents – Email images

Users can now insert images directly into the body of intelligent agent emails using the Add Image button in the HTML editor. The images are attached to the email and shown in place when viewed in the recipient's external mail client.

Quizzes – Save feedback as draft

Instructors can now clearly see when feedback is saved as a draft, or published, while evaluating quiz submissions. On the quiz evaluation page, the Graded checkbox and Save button have been replaced by the Publish and Save Draft buttons.

Quizzes – Set quiz options in Quiz Builder

The new Quiz Builder experience now allows instructors to set additional quiz options when creating quizzes. A More Actions button is visible when users select the checkbox for one or more questions; allowing instructors to set questions as mandatory or bonus directly from Quiz Builder, and change the number points assigned to a question or set of questions. There is no change in how the bonus, mandatory, or points features work.

Important Reminders

Downloading Assignment submissions

Assignment submissions can be downloaded as both the original file and an annotated PDF file. To download a submission in its original format, click on the hyperlinked file name in the upper-left part of the screen. Downloads from the annotation box are converted to a PDF file.

Planning for the end of Flash video

Flash video will no longer be supported by the end of 2020. Now is a good time to assess course materials containing SCORM packages with Flash video or other educational materials using Flash.

Tool Highlight

Assessing submissions with Quick Eval

Quick Eval is a new tool available to instructors. Ungraded assignments for all active courses can be accessed and assessed from one location. To access the tool, click on Assessments > Quick Eval.

Quick Eval FAQ

October 2019: Academic Technology Team News

10/16/2019 Academic Technology Team News

New in Brightspace (D2L)

Language Consistency Updates

With the October Continuous Delivery Update, D2L has revised the naming language within some tools to offer a greater level of consistency across the platform. These changes are not disruptive to the learning environment and should result in a increased ease of use. Click the linked document below to read a full list of revisions and their impact.

October 2019 D2L Language Updates

Brightspace Pulse - iOS support | Updated

The latest version of Brightspace Pulse is supported on Apple devices with iOS 11 or higher. Older versions of Brightspace Pulse will continue to work on Apple devices with iOS 10, but will not receive any app updates. For an optimal experience, D2L recommends installing the latest version of Brightspace Pulse on Apple devices with iOS 11 or higher.

Look and Feel of Assignment/Quiz Submission Navigation | Updated

When evaluating a submission, the user interface has been updated slightly. The Next Student and Previous Student buttons above the submission and learner information have been replaced by forward and back chevrons that display in the immersive navigation bar.

Tool Highlight

Quizzes: Shuffle Versus Random Question Pool

The Academic Technology Team often get questions about using the shuffle feature vs. random question pools when creating quizzes in Brightspace. Attached below is a document entitled “Quizzes Shuffle Versus Random Question Pool” which outlines how these different quiz features function.

Quizzes Shuffle Versus Random Question Pool

Quiz Tip

If questions are initially created in a quiz using a question pool, they cannot be saved to the Question Library. “Extracting Quiz Pool Questions” instructs users how to use Respondus 4.0 software to extract question pool questions so they can be easily imported into the Question Library.

Extracting Quiz Pool Questions

Language Consistency Updates

10/14/2019 Academic Technology Team News

"Inactive" is now "Hide from Users"

With the October Continuous Delivery update, D2L has transitioned from "Active/Inactive" to "Hide from Users". When creating or editing an assignment or quiz, the Restrictions tab features a check-box for "Hide from Users". If checked, this overrides any Availability dates that have been set and makes the item invisible to students.

"Grade All" is now "Enter Grades"

When viewing the drop-down menu for a grade item, the option to "Grade All" has been updated to "Enter Grades". For a complete list of language updates, click on the file below.

October 2019 D2L Language Updates

Alert! Instructors: Preview Quizzes in Advance

10/1/2019 Academic Technology Team News

Brightspace (D2L) has been experiencing an issue within a limited number of courses where image files display in the edit mode, but not in preview or live modes. The Office of Academic Technology is tracking these instances and working with D2L to resolve the issue. If you encounter this problem, a workaround is to download the images in edit mode, rename them, and substitute the new image files for the old ones within the quiz.

Additionally, a bug has been identified which prevents individuals using some web browsers from reordering questions while using the "new quiz building experience" feature. If you encounter this, you can opt-out and return to the traditional edit view by clicking the downward chevron in the upper-right part of the screen.

LockDown Browser Error Affecting Students with Microsoft Surface Products

8/28/2019 Academic Technology Team News

Students using Microsoft Surface products, particularly those with detachable keyboards, may incur an error message requiring "WUDFHost.exe" be closed.

Specifically the error states:
"You must close the following program before starting the browser: Wireless Display (WUDFHost.exe). Do you want Respondus LockDown Browser to attempt to close this program for you?"

Clicking yes on the error message should shut down the process and allow a student to proceed, although it may be necessary to do this multiple times. This could cause delay in students’ ability to access tests.

In addition, shutting down this process means that some wireless devices that use the process will not function during the LockDown Browser session. This includes some keyboards, track pads, and mice.

Respondus reports that closing the “Wireless Display – WUDFHost.exe” is necessary and students impacted by this should use a different type of keyboard and/or mouse during the LockDown Browser session. A USB corded mouse will work, as well as many USB receiver keyboard and mice.

Planning ahead is recommended

Until the Academic Technology Team is provided a better solution, the following is advised:
    • Students take the above advice to use a different type of keyboard/mouse if an alternate device is not available for testing.
    • Faculty and proctors keep loaner computers available during testing for students who do not have an alternate device for testing.

We apologize for the disruption this may cause in the testing environment, but will keep you informed if we receive any updates from Respondus technical support. Our thanks to the OUHSC IT-HelpDesk for quickly informing us of this issue today.

Quiz Builder Available, Change to Rounding Logic Coming

8/19/2019 Academic Technology Team News

Quiz Builder features additional options

New: Quiz Builder is a new workflow for adding, editing, reordering, and deleting quiz content in the Quizzes tool. This feature currently has an opt-in/opt-out option.

Quiz Builder saves instructors time by streamlining the screens and work flows for building and arranging quiz content. Instructors can add questions, sections and question pools, or import from the Question Library. From a single interface, they can edit, delete and reorder questions. They can also review critical information such as question points and total points in the quiz; mandatory and bonus status and shuffling behavior.

Rounding logic updating in September

Coming Soon: The September Continuous Delivery update from D2L will mandate rounding logic for arithmetic and significant figures questions in quizzes to round up from .5 by default.

The updated rounding logic for arithmetic and significant figures questions in quizzes, will now round up from .5 by default. Previously, these types of questions used to round to the nearest even integer (“banker’s rounding”). As a result, some calculations will round up where they previously rounded down from .5. Past quiz attempt scores are not affected by this change.

Tool Time: D2L Updates for Fall 2019

8/13/2019 Academic Technology Team News

The Office of Academic Technology discuss changes

During the presentation, the following topics were addressed:

  • Updated Widgets & Features
  • D2L Tool Refresh
  • 2019-2020 Training: Wednesday's with Web-Courses
  • AT eLearning Support Process

Video and presentation slides may be viewed in the Content section of the OUHSC D2L homepage.

Dropbox is now Assignments, Edit Course is now Course Admin

8/9/2019 Academic Technology Team News

Folders for work to be uploaded are Assignments

To keep with the current D2L (Brightspace) standards, the system has updated the language set. As a result, Dropboxes are now called Assignments. Under the Assessments link in the navbar there will no longer be a Dropbox link. The Edit Course navbar link is now Course Admin.

Course Overview Widget Has Replaced Insights Portal

3/21/2019 Academic Technology Team News

Insights Portal No Longer Available

As part of its March Continuous Delivery Update, D2L released a major change to provide easier access to analytics about learners and courses. You will no longer be using the Insights Portal to access course analytics. A new Course Overview widget has been added to course home pages in D2L. The widget can be found by scrolling down to the bottom-right side of a course home page. Please note: With this update, the Insights Portal is gone. Analytics will now be accessed through the Course Overview widget. Information currently available within the Course Overview widget includes the following:
    1. Class Engagement (current student grades, predicted final grade, last access date to course and discussions)
    2. Course Access (number of users who accesses a course per day)
    3. Tool Access – Course Report (interactions per tool within a course)

With an upcoming Continuous Delivery Update, D2L will release additional assessment data. Please note that while we are awaiting this release, the statistics available in Quizzes are now more robust and will be the resource faculty need to use for the time being.