Ed Tech Tuesdays Program Archive

Listed below are the past Ed Tech Tuesday programs along with their resources. Ratings are based on attendees review.


Program Title



September 25, 2018 Learning with TurningPoint Web Bria Bennett, Customer Success Leader
Turning Technologies

Presentation Recording

June 12, 2018 This Summer's Blockbuster:  D2L Video Assignments

Laura Fentem, M.Ed.
Luke Viles
Beth Hall, Ph.D., RN, CNE

Presentation Recording
Student Instructions Handout
Faculty Instructions Handout

April 17, 2018 Organizing a Literature Search Shari Clifton, MLIS, AHIP Presentation Recording
PowerPoint w/Links
March 27, 2018 Geographic Information Systems GIS:  Available Software, Training & Resources Janis Camapbell, Ph.D.

Presentation Recording

February 27, 2018 3D Printing Kari Boyce, Ph.D.
Bradford Gildon, M.A.

Presentation Recording

January 30, 2018 Exam Proctoring in an Online Environment★★★★★ Melissa Medina, Ed.D.

Presentation Recording


October 10, 2017 Turning Point 8 Greg Thomas Presentation Recording
July 11, 2017
Tool Time!: OU Sync & Share Services
Denita Cann-Smith Presentation Recording

June 13, 2017
Tool Time!: Exam Master's Academic Manager Solution★★★★
Chip Noonan, Exam Master Presentation Recording
April 11, 2017
PowerPoint Voice-Over as a Teaching Tool★★★★
Ken Randall, PT, PhD, MHR Presentation Recording
Presentation Slides
January 11, 2017
What's New with D2L★★★★
Kristy Burrough, PhD Presentation Recording
October 11, 2016
Simulation from Low Tech to HIgh Tech★★★★★
Kathryn Konrad, MS
Lin Goldston

Presentation Recording

July 12, 2016
TOOL TIME: Polling Apps for the Classroom★★★


Kristy Burrough, Ph.D.
Trevor Utley

Presentation Recording
April 12, 2016 
FERPA/HIPAA: Protecting Information in the Digital Age★★★


Rachel McCombs
Jonathan Cox
Presentation Recording 
January 12, 2016  
Evaluating Multiple Choice Questions:  Don't Step in the Dogma★★★★

Kevin Rudeen, Ph.D., Dean, College of Allied Health

Presentation Recording
PowerPoint Presentation

October 27, 2015  
OUHSC Social Media Acceptable Use★★★★★
April Lee Presentation Recording
PowerPoint Presentation
July 14, 2015
Tool Time: Working with Menitmeter and Poll Everywhere ★★★★★

Kristy Burrough, MA
P.J. Siharath

Presentation Recording
June 9, 2015
Tool Time: Working with Symbaloo and Diigo ★★★★

Kristy Burrough, MA 
PJ Siharath

Presentation Recording

April 14, 2015
Content Curation: What do I do with all this information? ★★★★★

Kristy Burrough, MA 
PJ Siharath

Presentation Recording
PowerPoint Presentation

March 10. 2015
Using Social Media in Teaching & Learning ★★★★
Clara Song, M.D. Presentation Recording
 February 10, 2015
Desire2Learn (D2L): A View from the CEO ★★★★
John Baker, President & CEO, Desire2Learn Presentation Recording
January 13, 2015
Telehealth is Here: How Do We Train Our Students for 21st Century Medicine? 
Candace Shaw
Cynthia Scheideman-Miller
Presentation Recording
November 11, 2014
The Flipped Classroom 
Chris Brasel Presentation Recording
October 14, 2014
IT Security in our Academic & Healthcare Environment 
Randy Moore and April Lee: OUHSC IT Information Security Services Presentation Resources
July 8, 2014
Tool Time: Web and Mobile Apps for the Classroom 2
Kristy Burrough and Emily Longo: Academic Technology Presentation Recording
June 9, 2014
Tool Time: Web and Mobile Apps for the Classroom
Kristy Burrough and Emily Longo: Academic Technology Presentation Recording
May 2, 2014
Planning Strategies for Distance Learning Stakeholders to Ensure the Implementation of Distance Learning Initiatives are Not a Shot in the Dark★★★★
Denise Celeste Robledo, M.Ed., Ph.D. 
Director of Distance Learning 
South Arkansas Community College
Presentation Recording
Presentation Overview
Presentation Slides
April 8, 2014
Endnote and Quosa: Retrieving and Organizing Citations and Full-Text★★★
Joy Summers-Ables
Director, Robert M. Bird Library
Presentation Recording
March 11, 2014
iPads for Interactive Teaching★★★★★
Theresa Cullen, Ph.D. 
OU College of Education
Presentation Recording
Resource Page
February 11, 2014
Today's Technology: What Students Use and What They Want!★★★★★
Student Panel Presentation Recording
January 14, 2014
What CanAcademic Media & Digital Services (AMDS) do for You?★★★★
AMDS Team Presentation Recording
December 10, 2013
Designing an Online Hybrid Course★★★
Kristy Burrough: Academic Technology Presentation Recording
Self-register for Hybrid Courses 101 on D2L
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Click on "Self Registration" link at the top and locate course name.
November 12, 2013
Using Outlook as a Time Management Tool★★★★★
Thai Pham: Academic Technology Presentation Recording
May 14, 2013 
Accessibility of Online Content
Rob Carr, Oklahoma ABLE Tech  
April 9, 2013
"MOOC's" - Massive Open Online Courses
Jim Pappas, Ph.D. Presentation Recording
Website References
March 12, 2013 
PowerPoint Voice Over as a Teaching Tool
Ken Randall, Ph.D. Presentation Recording
February 12, 2013 
iPad Utilization in Learning Spaces
Sarah Farrell, Ph.D. Apple  
January 8, 2013
Qualtrics: The use of an enterprise data
collection and survey software in academics
Winter Smith, Pharm.D.
Jennifer Raasch, M.S., MLIS
Presentation Recording