Other Resources

Other Educational Technology Tools: (most are free resources)

Instructional Tool Purpose More Information/ Training Documents:
EdGames Learn more about education games created in software like PowerPoint, Word, and Excel Website:http://people.uncw.edu/ertzbergerj/msgames.htm
Internet Archive An Internet collection of texts, audio, moving images, software, and archived web pages. Website:Archive.org
LiveJournal Free open source online journal, blogging, discussion forum, and social networking software. Website:livejournal.com


Website that provides information on multimedia educational resources for learning and online teaching Website:MERLOT.org
TinyURL.com Shorten long website addresses for PPT slides, emails, etc. Website:http://tinyurl.com/
WISC-ONLINE Learning Object resources under Health and General Education Website:http://www.wisc-online.com/ListObjects.aspx


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