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Academic Technology Team News (ATTN) 

All information and more can also be found in the Academic Technology Announcement after logging into Brightspace by D2L

Academic Technology News is now fully available inside Brightspace by D2L including links to documents.  We post a new update every month with the latest changes to Brightspace and other academic technologies.

Other Important Information:

IMPORTANT Reminder: Final Grades Should Not Be Set to Automatically Release 
Please be sure that your courses do not have the Grade Calculation Options checked for Automatically Release Final Grade as you copy or set up Brightspace courses.

If the Automatically Release Final Grade option is checked, it will trigger the grades to be sent to PeopleSoft as soon as the first grade items are released. Doing so before final grades times removes the opportunity to release them at the end of the semester to Peoplesoft. 

Settings for Grade Calculation Options are found by going to Grades then, clicking on the gear icon on the far right, and then clicking on the Calculation Options tab.  Be sure that Automatically Release Final Grades is unchecked.

Qualtrics User Interface Updated
Qualtrics is rolling out an experience-first design update to the user interface. All existing functionality of these features will remain with the updates, aside from a minor change to the Catalog (project creation). 

Additional details can be found by clicking here after you log into Brightspace: Qualtrics Updated User Interface

If you have questions about any of these updates, please contact our office!