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Brightspace by D2L for Students

Brightspace by D2L is the learning management system used at The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and is administrated by the Office of Academic Technology under the Office of Faculty Development and Academic Affairs.  

NOTE:  Brightspace by D2L is sometimes referred to as Brightspace or D2L across HSC.

Accessing Brightspace at HSC

OUHSC Brightspace Your login will be your HSC username and password.  You will want to bookmark this for future use. If you have problems getting logged in, contact the IT Service Desk to verify your credentials.  

Useful Tips to Getting Started & Using Brightspace

  1. You can download the Brightspace Learner Intro Guide for some tips about using Brightspace and navigating the main areas of the site.


  2. We recommend the use of Google Chrome on both Mac and Windows platforms. For more details on browsers supported by Brightspace, please review the Browser Support page. Update your browser to the latest version and always keep it updated.
  3. If you do not see your current semester classes listed, do not be alarmed!  It takes time to get the classes added to D2L and your faculty still need to activate them.  You should see your courses by the first day of classes, if you do not you can check with your faculty to see if they are utilizing Brightspace.
  4. Install Respondus LockDown Browser as soon as possible.  Go into any of your courses, click Assessments, then you’ll see an option for LockDown Browser.  Follow the instructions.  Doing this as soon as possible ensures you have it installed before your first online quiz or exam. Be sure to regularly check the application for updates. If you have already installed it, check it for updates. It generally does not prompt automatically. NOTE: If you do not have any courses available to you, once inside Brightspace, click in the red menu for Brightspace Help, choose Student Help, and on the page you'll see an area to download LDB.
  5. Once logged into Brightspace, update your Brightspace personal settings including setting your notification settings. 
  6. Important tip when naming your documents before uploading to Brightspace, never use special characters in the name.  Only use letters and numbers when naming papers for example: ImaSoonerProject1.docx or JohnBoomerFinalProjectV2.docx.  The best way is to keep it simple! Your instructor may also provide specific naming instructions for assignments.
  7. Before taking a quiz, be sure your browser is up to date, be sure you have downloaded Respondus LockDown Browser and that it is up to date as well.  Make sure you have no extensions on your browser as those can sometimes cause problems.

Help with Brightspace by D2L

If you need technical support for your doing things in your Brightspace course, the Student Help link in the My Home navigation bar in Brightspace (click Brightspace Help, then Student Help) contains several helpful resources as well as OU IT resources.   Below is an image inside Brightspace:

student help link in brightspace

You can also visit D2L’s YouTube page and review the Navigate Brightspace Learning Environment series for Learners videos.

Your college may have specific instructions on how you are to receive assistance with your Brightspace courses, too.  Generally, course specific questions should be sent to your instructor.

Other Resources

  • Course Materials or Specific Course Questions: Please, contact your instructor for course related questions!

General IT Assistance:

  • OU IT Service Desk 
  • You can visit or call the Service Desk:
    • Location: Student Union, Room 105, 1106 N. Stonewall                               
    • Phone: 405-271-2203 (Toll Free 1-888-435-7486)
    • Office Hours:  8:00AM – 5:00PM, Monday - Friday