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General Copyright Information

The following resources are provided to help anyone who is interested in understanding and managing their copyrights and understanding copyright law. The University of Oklahoma is committed to promoting an atmosphere conducive to education, research, creativity, and the free exchange of ideas, while fully complying with all applicable state and federal laws. Unauthorized reproduction or dissemination of copyrighted materials is a serious violation of both University Copyright Policy and federal law. 

OUHSC Copyright Resources

"Copyright on Campus"

“Copyright on Campus” is a brief video overview of copyright issues, responsibilities and laws encountered in the higher education environment.

Talent Consent / Release Forms:

OUHSC Legal Counsel has provided the following General Academic Educational-Use release documents for faculty, staff, and students incorporating video, audio or still imagery of persons or patients within their curriculum or research.

Special Note: If these release forms do not correlate with your intended use or need, please contact OUHSC Legal Counsel for additional clarification or advice.