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Qualtrics Information & Support

About the Qualtrics Survey Platform

Qualtrics is an online survey and analytics tool used to gather data and insights as well as conduct institutional research and generate reports. It is free for use by OUHSC faculty, staff and students.

Qualtrics and ePHI

The University of Oklahoma has executed a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with Qualtrics allowing the Health Science Center health care components (HCC) to utilize the Qualtrics online survey and analytics tool with ePHI.

With this update, please know that the use of University PHI for research, analytics, and reporting is still governed by the University’s HIPAA polices ( If you have any questions, please reach out to the University’s HIPAA Compliance Team at

Qualtrics is still not authorized for FERPA data.

Accessing Qualtrics For the First Time:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in using your OUHSC username and password.  As long as you have HSC credentials, you will automatically be provided an account.

Note that the following steps may not show up for you, if you're able to successfully enter your HSC username and password and be presented with the Qualtrics page, you have successfully logged in.

  1.  On the next screen for Qualtrics you will choose: "No, I don't Have a preexisting account here"
  2. You will get a message that your user account was created successfully. Click the blue Sign In button.
  3. Next you will get a Terms of Service pop up.  Click "I Accept" (If you do not see this, please check your address bar for a pop-up warning)
  4. You are now logged into Qualtrics.

If you are unable to log in at all, please also contact


If you do not see your surveys listed after logging on, please contact Academic Technology to have your surveys transfered.  The transfer did not automatically happen and is a manual process for some. 

Important information about shared surveys

Surveys that have been shared (collaborated) with other Qualtrics users prior to April 5th, 2021 will need to be re-shared following the migration that took place April 5th - 16th.  If it appears you are missing surveys, you may have to reach out to the survey owner and request that they re-share.

How to re-share surveys with collaborators:

Support Resources

Qualtrics survey basics website

  • Step-by-step instructions for using Qualtrics

Survey distribution guide

  • Examples of how to distribute surveys without an EXTERNAL tag

Support Contacts

Your Qualtrics username and password are the same as your OUHSC credentials. If you need assistance with your OUHSC account, contact either the IT Service Desk in Oklahoma City or the IT Service Desk in Tulsa.

Options for Qualtrics Expert support:

  1. Website: Qualtrics Support
    1. Scroll to the bottom and click Contact Support
    2. Click "Sign in with SSO"
    3. Enter "ousurvey"
    4. Enter your HSC account credentials 
  2. Contact Academic Technology