"Cure All" a poem by Herbert Abelson (2017 Issue)

Home-made chicken soup

Jewish penicillin

good for what ails you

equally effective for Gentiles.

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Blood and Thunder is a medically themed arts journal published by the students of the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine.


  • This journal is created by OU College of Medicine students.
  • Each year, 30-40 1st-4th year medical students volunteer to be a part of B&T.
  • Each year, B&T receives 250-300 submissions. The students review each submission during their downtime from their school work.
  • We understand that being a medical student is a full-time job and are grateful to our students who help to keep this journal going.
  • It is the goal and purpose of Blood and Thunder to enhance the education of healthcare professionals through the exploration of art for artistic expression.
  • Each year, complimentary copies of this journal are given to all OU medical facuty, students, residents & fellows.
  • It is our hope that reading/viewing the works in this journal will help make our faculty & learners become better caregivers!


The Fall 2019 issue is officially released!

NOW AVAILABLE: New online version of the journal! (23mb PDF)

Submissions in Visual Arts, Poetry and Prose has closed. Please check back in spring 2020 for updates. —> Submissions in Prose, Poetry and Visual Arts are now being accepted. The deadline for submissions will be on Friday, May 29, 2020. Send your submissions to oubloodandthunder@gmail.com with “2020 Blood and Thunder Submission(s)” in the subject line. Click here for further information.