2013 Visual Art

Bronchial Tree by Lisa Kipersztok, MSIII

Drawing on Paper


Involuntary Seizure by June Nissinen

Mixed Medium: Marker, Pen and Watercolor




Living in Pain by Paula Ross, MA, Heather Davis, BA, Monica Lypson, MD, PHPE


Let It Be Me by Alyssa Logsdon, MSIII

Drawing on Paper

*2013 Winner: Best of Visual Arts



Medicine for the Soul by Mariah Johnson, MSIV

Oil on Wood



18 Gauge De Stijl by Brett Stout

*2013 Cover Photo Winner




And She Asked How Will You Treat Me by Alissa Hinkle, MSIII

Drawing on Paper


The Surgeon by Brian Starr, MSIII

Drawing on Paper



Visual Inflammation by Timothy Boyce, MSIII

Fluorescence Microscopy



Birdbrain by Robin Whitehall, MSIV


Room 7 by Richard Hutchison, MD