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Oklahoma Quality Improvement Data

Breastfeeding Report Card 2016

  • mPINC - Maternity Practices and Infant Nutrition and Care, from the CDC
  • Hospital leaders - take note of our state mPINC score. It has risen from 71 in 2013 to 78 in 2015, but we can still do better!
  • The Joint Commission Perinatal Care Core Measures
    • Adoption or foster home placement of newborn
    • Previous breast surgery (i.e., bilateral mastectomy, bilateral breast reduction or augmentation) that prevents mother from producing milk

OK Health Rankings

Oklahoma Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS)       

Core Measure: Exclusive Breast Milk Feeding (current)

Pre and Postnatal Stressors Experienced By Oklahoma Mothers (2016)

Preconception Health and Racial Disparities (2015)

Bed-Sharing Practices Among First Time Mothers Who Breastfed At Least 8 Weeks (2014)

Hospital Baby-Friendly Practices Experienced in 2012

Duration and Exclusivity of Breastfeeding in Oklahoma (2012)

Breastfeeding Initiation (2005) - Oklahoma rates and demographic data

Breastfeeding Duration (2005) - Oklahoma rates and demographic data