What Our Moms Had to Say

  • Our stay was great and had great care. I loved Baby-Friendly. I would have worried too much if the baby was not in our room.

  • Our stay was excellent! We loved Baby-Friendly – we got to see the bath and ask questions when testing was done. We learned so much more this time around.

  • I am so thankful of all the steps you have taken to help breastfeeding moms in the hospital. My daughter has had a great experience and gotten a lot of support and encouragement and help with breastfeeding. I wish 30 years ago, I had received this type of help!

  • Thank you to all the nurses and lactation consultant for all your support. You play such an important role in this experience and your expertise is invaluable.

  • I’m looking forward to having my baby skin to skin right after delivery, the ability to breastfeeding right after delivery, no visitors allowed in recovery, no nursery – love the idea of my baby staying with me.

  • Our stay was fantastic. We really liked your Baby-Friendly program. We learned so much information by the baby being in our room. Our first delivery we did not get to do this. We know how much we missed out on now!

  • I'm glad my doctor delivers at a Baby-Friendly hospital!

  • This delivery and postpartum stay as been so much better than my first delivery (at another hospital). I am really glad I decided to deliver at here and all the changes that have happened to help breastfeeding moms made my decision to deliver here easier.