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Frequently Asked Questions | Scheduled Visitor/Vendor COVID-19 Screening and Reporting Tool

Published August 03, 2020

Policy: Scheduled Visitors and Vendors must complete the University’s online Screening and Reporting Tool prior to coming to campus as described below.

Q: What types of visitors to OU are covered by the Scheduled Visitor/Vendor screening policy?
A: Scheduled Visitors are individuals who have been contacted by OU or who have arranged with OU to visit a campus location for a specific purpose, such as to interview for a position or participate in a meeting.  They do not include individuals coming for campus tours or prospective student visits or to ticketed events.  Scheduled Visitors typically have a specific date/time/place for the visit and a point of contact.

Q: When should the scheduled visitor/vendor complete the online Screening and Reporting Tool?
A: Before their first visit to campus. Student and Employee Health requires at least 24 hours to review the online Screening and Reporting Tool responses.  The Tool should be submitted 24-48 hours in advance of coming to campus, where possible.  It cannot be submitted more than seven days in advance of the visit, however, and must be updated if information changes prior to arrival on campus.

Q: Do scheduled visitors/vendors have to submit a new online Reporting and Screening Tool each time they come to campus?
A: Yes, but only if, since their first scheduled visit, the visitor/vendor:

  • has tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 14 days or has a COVID-19 test pending;
  • is experiencing symptoms that could be consistent with COVID-19
  • knows they have been in close contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19 in the last 14 days or who has been tested for COVID-19 in the last 14 days and is awaiting results,; or
  • has a household member who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days

Q: Who fills out and submits the Screening and Reporting Tool?
A: The Reporting and Screening Tool is filled out and submitted to Student and Employee Health by the scheduled visitors/vendors.  It CANNOT be completed or submitted by the University area they will be visiting.

Q: What happens after the online Reporting and Screening Tool is submitted?
A: The scheduled visitors/vendors will receive an e-mail clearing them to come to campus or notifying them that they will be contacted by Student and Employee Health for more information.  The scheduled visitors/vendors must send the email to the University area expecting them. Showing a copy of the clearance email via a phone or text is not acceptable, nor is providing clearance from another entity.  The University area will keep a copy of the email on file.

Q: Are there exceptions to this policy for vendors making emergency repairs?
A: Yes.  If the nature of the repair does not allow time for the vendor to submit the online Screening and Reporting Tool prior to coming to campus, the vendor may come to campus (in a mask) and address the emergency.  If possible, during the scheduling phone call, the vendor should be advised not to send any workers who have symptoms of COVID-19. 

Q: Do delivery drivers such as those for Airgas, FedEx, and UPS have to submit the online Screening and Reporting Tool?
A: No.  Vendors who are picking up or delivering items (versus performing a service in a facility) must wear a mask on campus but do not have to submit the online Screening and Reporting Tool.  It is anticipated that deliveries would take no more than 15 minutes. NOTE:  In buildings where patient care is provided, vendors will be required to comply with the screening procedures at the door prior to entering the building.

Q: Will out-of-state vendors have to complete the form before they can come to campus? 
A:Yes.  They must complete the form before their first visit to campus.  After that, they must complete the form only when they meet one of the requirements for completing the tool (see above).  There is no automatic isolation period for out-of-state vendors.  There is no requirement to complete the online Screening and Reporting Tool solely based on travel.

Q: Does this scheduled vendor/visitor policy apply to patients being seen at one of the University’s clinics or to their caregivers/family members who accompany them?
A: No.  There is a clinic policy for screening patients and their caregivers/family members on campus.




All Scheduled Visitors and Vendors Must Comply with the University’s Masking Policy