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HSC-OKC Employee Updates

Published March 22, 2020

In our continued effort to reduce the spread of COVID‐19 in our community, the OU Health Sciences Center, and our hospital partner, OU Medicine, Inc., have instituted new policies and updated existing policies. Your health and well‐being and that of our patients remains our top priority.  

Please note the following updates over the last week:  

  • As of March 18, all OU employees, students, residents, and campus visitors returning from domestic or international travel within the past 14 days must complete a screening PRIOR to returning to campus or to being assigned to on‐campus University duties, as described below. Domestic travel includes any travel outside the state of Oklahoma. Please note campus is closed to visitors and vendors who are not considered critical to ensuring the University’s core missions can continue.
  • Complete the online COVID‐19 Travel Screening Form as soon as possible (log in with your OU/OUHSC assigned login and password). If you need assistance accessing the form with your OU/OUHSC assigned login and password or do not have a login (visitors), please contact your campus IT Help Desk.
  • Human Resources has updated their website with many resources, such as for telecommuting and workplace wellness tips. In addition, please note Work Anywhere and Teach Anywhere resources.  If you have questions or concerns as we work together to continue business operations, your direct supervisor is your first contact.
  • Our campus buildings moved to limited primary entry points and will generally require a building access card. In the event your identification card is not working properly, please contact your supervisor or the OneCard Office.
  • HSC campus food operations have moved to grab‐n‐go options. In accordance with Mayor Holt’s recommendations and to promote social distancing, campus dining rooms are closed, but you can still get your favorite meals at Faculty House, Kamp’s, Beakers, the Union Food Court, Richey’s, both Health Nut locations, the Healthy Hearth, and the hospital food service locations.
  • All health clubs on campus are temporarily closed.  We want you to have fitness options, however, so the University Health Club recently provided 500+ ways to enjoy a Wellbeats fitness class from home. Information is attached.
  • Lastly and foremost, please review and utilize our Employee Assistance Program resources.  Without question, this is a most challenging time for all.

Jason R. Sanders, MD, MBA 
Senior Vice President and Provost, OU Health Sciences Center
Vice Chair of the Board, OU Medicine