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Faculty & Staff Updates and Resources

OUHSC Teach Anywhere

Tools and information links that can help faculty move their teaching online should it become prudent or necessary to do so based on guidance from the University of Oklahoma and OU Health Sciences Center leadership.

OUHSC Teach Anywhere Resources

Additional Resources

HSC COVID-19 Return Plan

As the nature of COVID-19 remains dynamic, the Specific Pathogens Preparedness Operations Team (SPPOT) and the OUHSC Emergency Operations Committee (EOC) will regularly evaluate the COVID-19 Return Plan and implement new or revised requirements for return when indicated.

HSC COVID-19 Return Plan

Return to On-Site Instruction Plan

This plan for Phased Return to OUHSC On-Site Instruction (PROS) is designed to provide an efficient, safe experience for our faculty and staff.

Return to On-Site Instruction Plan

Human Resources Updates

COVID-19 Resources and Updates for OUHSC employees.

Human Resources Updates

COVID-19 Screening and Reporting Tool

The Screening and Reporting Tool is not a single-use item.

Each time you experience a qualifying scenario, you must complete the University’s online Screening and Reporting Tool for assessment and clearance PRIOR to returning to campus or returning to a University-related function or obligation.

View a list of scenarios

COVID-19 Research Updates

The return to full, normal operations of research will be a gradual, phased process. In accordance with the OUHSC COVID-19 Return Plan(.pdf document) the OUHSC Vice President for Research is announced a Phase One Reopening of Research that began Monday, May 11.

Learn About the Plan for Phase One Reopening of Research at OUHSC

What Does Dr. Bratzler Say?

Is it safe to go to the community pool? What about the casino? Why should I wear a mask?

You have questions. Dr. Bratzler has answers.

See what Dr. Bratzler says is to address general questions related to COVID and the University’s response to COVID-19. Please do not share your personal health information through this email address.

Latest Employee Updates

OU Work Anywhere

Along with Teach Anywhere and Learn Anywhere, Work Anywhere will help prepare OU’s staff and faculty to maintain continuity of University operations in the event that remote work is temporarily required for family emergency or health issues, severe weather or natural disaster, or viral or infectious disease outbreak, etc.

OU Work Anywhere Resources