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Student Updates and Resources

Book a Vaccine Appointment

The University strongly encourages all other faculty, staff, and students to complete a COVID-19 vaccine series.  Vaccine is available at no cost in various locations on the Health Sciences Center campus.

Additional Resources

Mandatory COVID-19 Screening & Reporting Tool

The June revision of the response plan updated the scenarios for the COVID-19 Screening and Reporting Tool and created reporting requirements based on vaccination status. For questions about when you need to complete this tool, please find additional information here.

COVID-19 Screening & Reporting Tool

HSC Sooners Helping Sooners

HSC Sooners Helping Sooners is a scholarship opportunity for OUHSC students who find themselves in extenuating circumstances and in need of emergency financial assistance.

Apply for HSC Sooners Helping Sooners

Campus Service Updates

Find updates for the University Health Club, Bird Library, HSC Student Union, and more here.

Campus Service Updates

What Does Dr. Bratzler Say?

Is it safe to go to the community pool? What about the casino? Why should I wear a mask?

You have questions. Dr. Bratzler has answers.

See What Dr. Bratzler Says is to address general questions related to COVID and the University’s response to COVID-19. Please do not share your personal health information through this email address.

Latest Updates

OUHSC Learn Anywhere

Be ready to temporarily attend your classes online during sudden and prolonged campus or building closures.

HSC Learn Anywhere Resources