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OUHSC Faculty Leadership Program

The OUHSC Faculty Leadership Program (FLP) is a longitudinal series of highly interactive, small group seminars led by faculty and administrators designed to give colleagues an insider's view of the academic health center. The scope and complexity of faculty roles at a contemporary Academic Health Center are demanding. The FLP affords faculty a structured approach to acquire and apply new skills and to refine existing ones.

Our faculty leadership and mentoring philosophy

When early-career faculty acquire and practice the skills to integrate and engage their roles, attend to personal and professional responsibilities, and make good career decisions they are better able to connect and contribute as strong team members and take on leadership opportunities. This approach to engagement moves the entire institution and our disciplines forward and affords us more strategies for engaging the opportunities and challenges of our environment.

Eligibility and Program Requirements

  1. Open to early-career faculty from all Health Sciences Center colleges

  2. Tenure track and non-tenure-track faculty are eligible

  3. Eligibility at one year into OUHSC academic appointment

  4. Recommendation by Chair required; chair serves as Sponsor

  5. The candidate completes the program application

  6. On acceptance, FLP Faculty Fellow submits a current CV

  7. A Leadership Faculty Fellow completes 128 professional development hours over 11-months to graduate

The OUHSC Faculty Leadership Program is led through a partnership between the Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost and the sponsoring OUHSC Colleges which include Allied Health, Dentistry, Nursing, Medicine, Pharmacy, Public Health, and the Graduate College. The Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Faculty Development serves as the OUHSC Mentor for the leadership program Faculty Fellows.