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Building Your Individual Faculty
Career Development Plan (IFcDP)

Program Description:

Participants will have an opportunity to understand and discuss:

  • faculty life at an academic health center & the importance of being strategic
  • preparing early for academic career advancement
  • defining your goals, objectives, activities and measuring results
  • the faculty curriculum vitae and annual report
  • the role of feedforward and feedback from supervisors, mentors and coaches
  • preparing an academic portfolio. Do you need one? What's the benefit/cost?

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe how to strategically set career goals and objectives using an IFDP
  2. Identify strategies to negotiate and achieve measurable outcomes for academic success
  3. Recognize the importance of feedforward and feedback


This workshop provides new faculty with information about setting strategic goals aligned with the teaching, research and service mission of OUHSC. Participants are introduced to an Individualized Faculty Career Development Plan (IFcDP) to help chart academic career success for achieving promotion and/or tenure.