Financial Services

OUHSC Campus


  1. Must be a valid reimbursable University expense.
  2. Must meet two components for reimbursement.
    1. Proof of the items that were purchased. This is the original expense ticket detailing the items purchased.
    2. Proof that the person seeking reimbursement has incurred the expense (paid for the expense). One of the following can be used to provide proof:
      1. a) Copy of credit card statement. Account number is not required but name should be on statement.
        b) Copy of "in store" credit card receipt signed by individual seeking reimbursement. This should accompany original proof of expense ticket.
        c) Copy of cancelled check indicating that the check has been processed by the bank. (Front and/or back copy, copy of check from bank statement, encoded, etc.) This should accompany original proof of expense ticket.
  3. If requirements in 2) a, b, or c above cannot be met then a FORM 3 must accompany the reimbursement request.  A signed FORM 3 should accompany cash purchase receipts. This should also include original proof of expense ticket(s).
  4. Reimbursements using 290 or 430 funds which exceed $100 per claim must include a written statement of justification for the indirect purchase (i.e., personal purchase versus processing an invoice for direct payment to the vendor) as support documentation for the claim.

Note: All reimbursements must also have a signature of higher institutional authority on either the Voucher Register or Transmittal form or on the Form 3 authorizing the reimbursement.