Financial Services

OUHSC Campus

Warrant (Check) Handling Procedures

University policy requires mailing OUHSC issued warrants directly to payees by the Accounts Payable (AP) section with the following exceptions:

  • Employee reimbursements (i.e., “90” vendor numbers) - currently forwarded to the department for distribution.

  • Form 19 (i.e., travel reimbursements) - currently forwarded to the department for distribution.

  • Warrants specifically requested to be returned to department.  Warrants should not be requested to be returned to the department unless there is a valid business for doing so.  This handling exception requires written justification explaining the reason(s) for doing so including the signature and title of the appropriate departmental authority authorizing the warrant(s) to be returned to the department.

AP codes each voucher indicating how the payment will be handled.  The major Payment Handling Codes are as follows:

02 – Forward warrant to department.  Warrants are distributed according to the authorized Org contact list maintained in AP.  To find out the name(s) of current departmental contact(s), please check with your departmental business office or contact the AP Supervisor.

03 – Mail to payee with backup documentation.  For example, when a change is made to the invoice amount, vendor does not use invoice numbering, a form is attached to the payment request that needs to be sent with the payment, or other situations that make it necessary for AP to send a copy of  back-up documentation with the warrant so that the vendor knows how to apply the payment.

05 – Utilities.  The utility bill stub is mailed along with the warrant to enable the payment to be applied to the appropriate account.

11 – Mailed to vendor without backup documentation.

21 – Travel Reimbursement (i.e., Form 19).  Currently returned to the department for distribution.

43 – EFT (electronic funds transfer) payments to domestic vendors

91 – Interagency payments (transfers between State agencies)

Updated: 3/25/11