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Non-SPNSR Cost Transfer Cut-Off Notice

The following types of cost transfers require supporting documentation:

  • Crossing funds (111701 to/from 111430, etc.)
  • Moving monies into the CLNSP fund
  • Payroll
  • SUAUX funds

When sending documentation, include a copy of the cost transfer so it can be properly identifies and matched-up accordingly with the emailed cost transfer.

Do not send supporting documentation via campus mail. Please fax it, along with a cover sheet, to the General Accounting office at 271.2367 or attach it via eCopy to the email that includes the original cost transfer.

If you need to delete a cost transfer that has already been sent to the General Accounting mailbox, please call us at 271.2355 before sending the corrected cost transfer. This will insure that the incorrect cost transfer has been removed from the mailbox and will not be processed inadvertently.