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The PPP is the faculty supplement payroll. Paylines are generated in system by payroll usually around the last week of the month. Payday is monthly, on the 12th of the month. If the 12th falls on a weekend or holiday, the payday will be the previous business day. Paydays are always updated on the End User Calendar, and emails regarding PPP will be communicated to the HSC Payroll Coordinators distribution list.

  • Paylines are generated based on active 10, 11, 12 record appointments in the HR system. PPP appointments are faculty only.
  • PPP payments are calculated and entered onto the paylines by the department during each monthly PPP cycle. If nothing is entered, nothing is paid.
  • Only the effect of those ePAFs executed BEFORE the paysheets are created will actually appear on the paylines. The effective date of the ePAF should be the pay period end date or before. Payment for these can be entered into the paylines in the normal manner.
  • Departments have two days to enter PPP data online each month. Note that the entry for each month’s PPP payroll is done during the last week of the previous month. Exact dates can be found on the “End User Payroll (HSC)” calendar.
  • The PPP Supplement Report can be run as many times as needed during data entry to verify data entry amounts and account sources. Data entry errors or omissions can be corrected at any time during the two days of data entry.
  • Once data entry is finalized, a Final PPP Supplement Report can be printed and forwarded to the approver. Once the payroll is approved, the paylines can no longer be accessed by the department. If it becomes necessary to make a correction after approval but prior to 5pm on data entry day 2, the approver can un-approve the payroll and re-open the paysheets for correction.
  • If you have ePAFs “in process” that are executed during data entry and do not appear in the paylines, contact Payroll Services to ensure the intended payment will be made after the first calc.
    • Payroll Services will need the following information:
      • EMPL ID, NAME, COMBO CODE, AMOUNT (must match executed ePAF)
    • You will receive a response once entry has been made to re-run your PPP Supplemental Report to verify entry was done correctly.