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        All taxable employee expenses must be paid through payroll. These payments should be entered as an “add pay” through the ePAF system using earning code “109”. Please attach a copy of the expenses in which you are reimbursing. The Federal and State Supplemental Tax Rates are used for all taxable expense payments. These payments are also subject to Social Security and Medicare taxes. The full OUHSC fringe benefit rate will apply.

    Any taxable payments made through Accounts Payable direct to vendors on behalf of employees, such as awards and tangible items, will require the employee to sign the Employee Expense Reportable as Income Form acknowledging that the payment will be reported to Payroll Services by Accounts Payable. Payroll Services will enter the expense to be taxed on a future payroll. Please note, this will result in the employee receiving a reduced net income on a future pay check.

For information on employee taxable reimbursements, please contact

For information on direct vendor payments, please contact Accounts Payable.