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As the University's tax office, Payroll Services provides you with employer tax statements like the Form W-2, and can help you adjust your exemptions via Form W-4. Payroll Services does not provide tax advising or consultation services. We recommend you contact your tax advisor or the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), 1-800-829-1040 for specific information and advice.

If you are not a U.S. citizen or Permanent Resident (green card holder), please refer to our Foreign Nationals page.

Form W-2

The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center is required to furnish all employees with a Form W-2 showing their compensation and tax withholding amounts for the calendar year by January 31st of the following year. The W-2 is to be used in preparation of your yearly tax return by April 15th.

Your W-2 will be mailed to the address on file with the University. Please keep your information current so that mailed items can be delivered in a timely manner. Additionally, the Form W-2 version is made available for online viewing after February 15th.

Form W-4

All University employees are required to complete an IRS Form W-4 and Oklahoma OK-W-4 when they are hired. You will also need to review your Form W-4 and make appropriate changes if you have had a major life change, such as marriage or divorce, death of a spouse, or birth/adoption of a child.

W-4 changes can be made electronically or by paper form. The electronic option is the fastest.

To change your W-4 settings electronically, go to the Human Capital PeopleSoft menu and enter your changes:

For a paper copy of the W-4, select the (URL) above. Complete the form, print it out, sign it manually

and date it and return it to Payroll Services in Oklahoma City.

Employees without a W-4 will be taxed at the highest single tax rate. Nonresident Aliens have only

one W-4 reporting option which is to select “single (box 3) and 1 exemption (box 5) and write “NRA to

to the left of box 6 on the W-4 form. Note: Nonresident Aliens must check with Payroll Services

(405-271-2055) before changing W-4 withholding allowances.