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Warrant (Check) Pick-up Procedures

For internal control purposes, it is University policy as well as preferred business practice for Accounts Payable (AP) to mail warrants directly to payees.  If documentation needs to be sent with the payment, this can be addressed by forwarding the documentation to AP with the payment request noting that it needs to be mailed with the payment.  We realize there are some circumstances that make it necessary for the warrant to be returned to the department for distribution.  These situations can be accommodated by AP with appropriate notice being provided for such warrant handling.  (For more information on AP warrant handling procedures, please refer to the AP website.)

When “return to department” warrants are printed, notification will be sent to the appropriate departmental Org contact that is authorized to pick-up warrants indicating warrants are available for pick-up in the Services Center Building (SCB), Room 203. For security purposes, a valid OUHSC picture ID is presented at the time of warrant pick-up.   Also, the departmental contact will be required to legibly sign/date a warrant pick-up form evidencing receipt of the warrant(s).  In situations where a vendor or other payee desires to pick-up a warrant personally, the department must authorize such pick-up in advance by contacting either the AP Supervisor, AP Assistant Manager or AP Manager.    Note:  Questions regarding individuals who are authorized departmental contacts can be directed to your departmental business office or the AP Supervisor at 271-8001, ext. 46385.   

If physical limitations prohibit climbing stairs or walking more than a short distance, please notify the front desk in AP (SCB 218) and your warrant(s) will be hand-delivered to you at that desk.

Updated: 3/7/11