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Accounts Payable
Front Desk - 405.271.2410
Travel Section - 405.271.2038

Associate VP & CFO
Front Desk- 405.271.2376

Auxiliary/Service Unit AccountingFront Desk- 405.271.2246

Bursar's Office
Front Desk- 405.271.2433

Financial Reporting
Front Desk- 405.271.2355

General Accounting
Front Desk- 405.271.2355

Grants and Contracts
Front Desk- 405.271.2177

Payroll Services
Front Desk- 405.271.2055

Student Financial Aid
Front Desk- 405.271.2118

Budget Office
Front Desk- 405.271.2404

Vendor - Company
    OUHSC W-9 vendor registration form used for domestic, US companies

Vendor - Foreign
    OUHSC W-8 vendor registration form used for foreign companies, and foreign and nonresident alien individuals

Vendor - Individual
    OUHSC W-9 vendor registration form used for US persons to include US citizens, permanent residents, and resident aliens

Vendor Abbreviations
    List of abbreviations used in the OU HSC master vendor file.

Voucher Checklist
    Checklist to assist in preparation of documents to submit non-encumbered invoices to Accounts Payable (AP) for payment.

Voucher Information
    To review voucher information

Voucher/Claim Request Form
    To obtain copies of payments that cannot be located within any departmental means.