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Accounts Payable
Front Desk - 405.271.2410
Travel Section - 405.271.2038

Associate VP & CFO
Front Desk- 405.271.2376

Auxiliary/Service Unit Accounting
Front Desk- 405.271.2246

Bursar's Office
Front Desk- 405.271.2433

Financial Reporting
Front Desk- 405.271.2355

General Accounting
Front Desk- 405.271.2355

Grants and Contracts
Front Desk- 405.271.2177

Payroll Services
Front Desk- 405.271.2055

Student Financial Aid
Front Desk- 405.271.2118

Budget Office
Front Desk- 405.271.2404


Refunds (Patient and Other)
    Procedures for requesting refunds to patients or other individuals/companies that have paid OUHSC in excess of amount due.

Registration Fees
    Policy in regards to allowability of prepayment of conference registration fees.

Reimbursement Documentation Requirements
    Documentation requirements for reimbursement of individuals for business expenses.

Replacement IDs
    University policy regarding administrative directive to replace OUHSC ID cards.

Research Incentive Gift Cards
    Procedures on Research incentive gift cards.

Resident Time Reporting Procedures
    Detailed procedures for Resident, Residency Coordinators and Payroll Coordinators duties recording and verifying Resident time reporting.