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Thrifty Pharmacy where the Patient is #1

Posted: May 4, 2017

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Dani Lynch is the owner of Thrifty Pharmacy and has been serving the north Oklahoma City metro area for the past 25 years. When Dani took over Thrifty Pharmacy 25 years ago, she promised to put the patient first and this is exactly what Thrifty Pharmacy ensures through various services.  Thrifty Pharmacy prides themselves with a knowledgeable staff of 15 that accommodates 2 pharmacist per pharmacy. While this is not a state requirement, it is important to Thrifty Pharmacy to assure the safety, accuracy, and timely manner that prescription are issued to patients.

Dani understands that seniors may not have the ability to pick up their prescriptions or have a hard time with automated phone systems. This is why Thrifty Pharmacy offers experienced staff to answer phones and deliver medications directly to the patient.  Dani encourages her patients to ask questions about the medications that they are taking because she has noticed that patients are not always sure what they are taking or why. This can cause medication and health insecurities that can be resolved by having a conversation with the pharmacist without time constraints.

Thrifty Pharmacy is one of the few places in the Oklahoma City metro area that is approved by the Bureau of Narcotics to dispose of any unneeded or expired medication.  They have kiosks at the Quail Plaza location for discretion and ease.

To learn more about Thrifty Pharmacy please visit them online at

Or you can contact them at the location nearest you:

Quail Plaza Shopping Center
10904 N. May Ave., Suite L
Oklahoma City, OK, 73120

(405) 751-2852

(405) 755-2952

Oakbrook Shopping Center
230 S. Santa Fe Ave.
Edmond, OK 73003

(405) 715-4405

(405) 715-4407


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