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Hospice is a philosophy at Guardian Hospice

Posted: May 12, 2017

Hospice Care is an intimidating thought for many. People associate it with the end of life and dealing with all of the pains that losing life brings. Guardian Hospice has a different approach to that mindset; Hospice is for the living. Lisa Wilson, co-owner of locally owned Guardian Hospice, describes her passion for healthcare as a calling. She has been in the healthcare field for 27 years and believes that hospice care requires the highest level of compassion in the healthcare field.  Hospice is holistic approach for the patient and their caregivers. 

Lisa gives insight on the most common misconceptions that she sees:

  • Hospice is only for the last few days.
  • This is not so! Hospice is for an individual that has been given 6 months or less. Lisa explains that people often wished they did hospice sooner because the quality of life for the patient and caregiver increases.
  • Hospice takes away all of the medications.
  • Hospice does not take away medications from patients. In fact, hospice is more likely to catch things that may be wrong with medication, preventing extra trips to the doctor or hospital.
  • Hospice is only for the dying.
  • Yes, hospice is a service for patients that have a prognosis to live 6 months or less. However, hospice is not about dying. Hospice is about living your last days to the fullest and with dignity.

Lisa explains that her and her staff become emotionally attached to their patients and families and because of this Guardian does an annual butterfly release to symbolize the transformation of life. In 2016, Guardian staff and family members of patients released 170 monarch butterflies together.

Guardian Hospice services a 50-mile radius of the Texoma area. To learn more about Guardian Hospice you can contact them at:

1055 N. Service Rd

Calera, OK

580.434.6336. office

580.434.6341 fax

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