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Parking & Transportation Guiding Principles


  • Parking & Transportation Services will operate parking & transportation for the good of the entire participating community.
  • Patients and visitors will have priority and the most convenient spaces to major destinations will be reserved exclusively for them.
  • Every user of parking will pay or will have parking fees paid for them by the entity with which they are associated.
  • The University will expend no resources on parking facilities from which no revenue is derived.
  • Each participating entity will coordinate parking and transportation needs with Parking & Transportation Services any time ten or more off-campus individuals are being hosted on campus.
  • Other than patient and visitor spaces, spaces will be allocated in “open” and “reserved” areas.
  • Construction projects, which permanently remove parking spaces, must fund replacement of those removed spaces as well new spaces to accommodate increased parking demand created by newly constructed facilities.
  • Parking and Transportation staff will be involved throughout the planning process for any new parking to be constructed within the statutory boundaries of the Oklahoma Health Center and Research Park District regardless of the funding entity.
  • All newly constructed parking within the statutory boundaries of the Oklahoma Health Center and Research Park District will be operated by the University Parking & Transportation Services department.

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